Seniors Services

Mercer County Senior Nutrition Program

Anyone 60 years of age or older, or anyone married to a person 60 years or older can participate in the Mercer County Senior Nutrition Program.  Meals are a complete lunch which includes an appetizer, main entrée, vegetables, bread, beverage and dessert. All meals are specifically planned to provide at least one –third of an older person’s daily nutritional needs by a qualified nutritionist. Mercer County Senior Nutrition Program’s Nutrition Sites are located throughout Mercer County.  Transportation is available to many of our sites by the County’s TRADE services.

Contact the Mercer County Senior Nutrition Office at (609) 989-6650, for more information about the program or details regarding door to door transportation assistance.

Meal Hours:

7:00am – 12:30pm Weekdays, except major holidays.

Senior Bible Study

Several of our seniors come together weekly, to read and study of the Word of God.  This study and exploration of the Holy Bible is open to the public.

Meeting Hours:

1pm – 2pm Every 3rd Tuesday.

Golden Agers of Hamilton Township

A club for seniors who enjoy and desire, education-rich programs and workshops on topics such as Eldercare, Medicaid and Medicare.  The club also sponsors fun activities and exciting trips to places like Sight & Sound and Atlantic City.  Come join us! You do not have to be a Hamilton Township resident.

Meeting Hours:

1pm – 2pm every 3rd Tuesday of the month.