Through a longstanding partnership with Hamilton Township, the John O. Wilson Center, Inc. serves as the neighborhood “hub” for many families and civic/social groups, providing numerous community enrichment programs and activities. These include the federally funded Gateway Community Action Partnership – Early Head Start/Head Start, Mercer County Senior Nutrition Program, Golden Agers of Hamilton Township, Narcotics Anonymous, and Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. Additionally, local residents receive free, vital health services including vaccinations to COVID-19, pneumonia and flu; blood pressure checks, cholesterol screening, and other health evaluations/assessments from the Hamilton Township Division of Health and local hospitals.

Gateway Community Action Partnership – Early Head Start/Head Start

Serving as the genesis for the creation of the John O. Wilson Center and our partner for more than 50 years, Gateway Community Action Partnership – Early Head Start/Head Start (Gateway Head Start) is a federally funded program that provides free early childhood education and nutritional services to low-income families within the community. Sharing space in the Wilson Center, Gateway Head Start currently enrolls low-income youth from ages three to five. Through our collaborative efforts, many Head Start families also receive additional support through the Wilson Center, Inc. services including through food pantry/drives, emergency financial and clothing assistance, health education, case management, and information and referrals.

Mercer County Senior Nutrition Program

Mercer County, Department of Human Services, Nutrition Program for the Elderly is currently providing a year-round senior nutrition program in collaboration with the Wilson Center, Inc.  Each day, Monday through Friday, area Hamilton seniors visit the Wilson Center to receive a free, nutritious meal which is specifically planned by a qualified nutritionist to provide at least one-third of an older person’s daily nutritional needs.  As part of our service to the senior community, the Wilson Center, Inc. also provides these program recipients with free fresh produce during our various food drives; and extends an opportunity for participants to attend our new “Lunch & Learn” seminars, aimed at improving health and socialization among seniors.

Narcotics Anonymous

 For more than 30 years, in partnership with Wilson Center, Inc., the Miracle of Change Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Support Group has called the Wilson Center its home.  Every week, with the exception during the pandemic, this group through the coordination of Wilson Center, Inc. staffs and hosts an NA support group meeting, serving 40 – 60 recovering drug addicts weekly.  The Wilson Center, Inc. offers support services to these individuals and provides information and referrals as needed.

Hamilton Township Division of Health

For more than 20 years, the Wilson Center, Inc. has partnered with the Hamilton Township Division of Health to provide health education, health checks/screenings, pneumonia, COVID-19 and the flu immunizations to township residents.

To learn more about these organizations and partner services, please call (609) 393-6480.