Recognizing the importance of maintaining social interaction and engagement with our senior population the Wilson Center, Inc. recently implemented a new community support and service program specific for seniors, titled, “The S.A.G.E. Program” (Senior Activities, Guidance, and Education).

The S.A.G.E. program aims to foster increased connections, support systems, educational skills sets and the overall physical and emotional wellness of Mercer County senior citizens. Programmatic activities include:

  • socialization events such as bingo, card and tables games, bus trips and outings, and nostalgic-themed parties and holiday celebrations;
  • recreation programs which specifically focus on improving physical and emotional wellness by trained and qualified professionals through the implementation of yoga, tai chi and walking classes, mindfulness and stress reduction classes, and arts and crafts;
  • educational functions including Lunch and Learn seminars, and various workshops to increase knowledge, skill sets and the ability to self-advocate for critically needed services such as healthcare and insurance coverage, computer literacy and competency, fraud prevention, and more.

To learn more about these programs, please see our calendar of events or call (609) 393-6480, ext. 107.

“The Center is doing a wonderful job. Glad it’s reaching out to the community, especially the seniors.” – Barbara H.